Do I have an eating disorder?

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Do I have an eating disorder? If you are asking this question, probably there is something that bothers you. Maybe you’ve lost the connection with your body? Or you feel there is something wrong with your relationship with food? Whatever is on your mind, once you start asking such questions, it’s time to do something and take care of yourself.


When the modern becomes dangerous

We live in times that put a huge emphasis on appearance. I don’t only mean the media and television, which tell us how a woman should look if she wants to be happy. I mean social media too. Shiny life, gourmet food and all the girls with perfect bodies who have thousands of followers on Instagram. Subconsciously or not, they make us create an unrealistic idea of how we should look. How to look to be successful, to be liked, to find love or to be happy overall. But this is the modern world now. The question is when the modern becomes dangerous and how to recognize it. It’s one thing to try to have a healthy lifestyle and to do detox once in a while, and completely different being obsessed with dieting. 


An eating disorder?

There are specific criteria for diagnosing bulimia and other eating disorders, but it is not necessary to have a diagnosis to know that you have a problem.

I found out I have bulimia years after the problem occurred. I knew I had a problem with food and my self-esteem, but I had no idea what the name of this problem is. Also, back then I thought that if you don’t vomit, it’s not bulimia. But I was aware that I was obsessed with my look and the idea of losing weight. My connection to food was totally wrong and the only thing I kept thinking was how much and what I have to eat to fit my diet.


The name is not important

Stop and think about this for a moment:

Do you hate your body? Do you think that the way you look is the main reason you are unhappy? Is the food your primary focus and do you feel excited only about whether you follow your diet plan or not? Do you skip events and cancel meetings with friends because you don’t like yourself today? Do you postpone the next step toward your dreams just because you’re not fit enough yet? 

If  you answered „yes“ to any of those questions, then the name of the problem does not really matter. Even if it has not become an eating disorder to diagnose yet, you have put your life on hold. You are the one to answer the question „Do I have an eating disorder?“. And you are the one to decide whether it is time to do something about it. Because your appearance does not determine what kind of person you are. And life happens now.


In this blog I will share various techniques and strategies to strengthen the connection with our body and with ourselves. There are thousands of ways to improve ourselves and our quality of life. And I am going to share them with you.


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