Improve Your Life with a List of Goals

I don’t know if the video we made with Zlatin for the Bucket list challenge or 2020 in general, which was and continues to be a different year, made me write about it. However, I strongly believe that whether you have an eating disorder or not, you need to set a list of goals. I […]

What is Happiness?

happy girl

Happiness is not a momentary emotion, but the ability to enjoy life, with all its differences, beauties, and shortcomings. Because moods come and go.

Sugar Cravings – Am I Addicted?

Sugar can be addictive.
Fortunately, this addiction is easy to overcome and today I will tell you how to overcome sugar cravings without giving up desserts.

Intuitive Eating – Simple Rules

Knowing yourself and being in harmony with yourself is a huge asset. Intuitive eating is one of the key factors for this and brings us peace.

How I Boosted My Metabolism

If we want a stable weight that doesn’t fluctuate every day, it is extremely important to make our metabolism work for us. And here is how.

Love Yourself

To love yourself sounds super clichéd, but the truth is that if we do not love ourselves, happiness will always slip us away.

Stop Dieting to Stop Binge Eating

Many psychologists believe that in order to heal, it is necessary to find the hidden reason first. I don’t think this is mandatory. I believe the first step should be to stop dieting.

Do I have an eating disorder?

girl and vegetables

Do I have an eating disorder? Do I like my relationship with food? Once you start asking such questions, it’s time to take care of yourself.