What is Ana and Mia

The terms “ana” and “mia” are commonly used to refer the disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa respectively on social networking and blogging websites like twitter, facebook, instagram and accross tumblr. Since it primarily effects young women of the age between 16-25 these forums and boards are filled with members experiencing these disorders. Generally various people who are not aware of these disorders tend to mock them, judge them and post offensive and offending content again these anorexics and bulimics.

Upon checking various YouTube videos I was able to figure out that more than about 50% of the comments posted on bulimia/anorexia stories are filled with hatred and abusive language. The world normally thinks that this is some sort of a stupid disorder and the people having them are “weirdos”. The society generally questions their mental health and considers them unfit and unwell psychologically and mentally.

Both Bulimia and Anorexia are mental disorders affecting various parts of the human brain which causes damage to the brain cells and forces the mind to picture oneself overweight and FAT particularly after consuming food. When these disorders are left unattended they become severe and start taking over the mind and bodies of the victim like a deadly virus. During June 2009 I met a girl suffering from Bulimia in one of the awareness camps conducted by a work friend. She was very sceptical to talk about this whole Bulimia thing. You know why? Because she thought she was weird and there was something wrong with her. After a while she even confessed that she has accepted it to be a part of her life and the binge purge cycles are a hard reality of her life and she can never ever overcome them.

Me and my friend Barbara got her number and tried keeping in touch with her to help her overcome or at least help her to become a little mentally secure. Trust me it was very hard. She did not want any help. She thought that this is her fate and nobody could do anything to help her. We tried convincing her to adopt a few treatment techniques, my friend even offered her free treatment. But this girl was very weak, very unstable and did not agree to any of this. After a few weeks she stopped taking our calls and never replied to our messages. Unfortunately she passed away a few weeks later due to a drug overdose.

Anorexia and Bulimia are very nasty eating disorders and drug abuse is certainly not a solution to any of this. Proper therapy, hypnosis, doctor/self help is the only way of recovering. If you want to talk about any of your problems you are free to email me at susan@overcomebulimia.com I ensure that our conversation will be fully discrete and all your personal secrets will be personal.