Treating Anarexia Nervosa

Anarexia is basically a common misspelling of the word Anorexia. The term “Anarexia” is generally used by tumblr bloggers, Instagram users and on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. Anarexia is more of a mental or psychological disorder than an eating disorder. It is currently responsible for numerous deaths of models in the fashion industry either directly due to the harmful effects of anarexia or indirectly as it can lead to extreme mental instability resulting in self harm which can sometimes lead to suicide.

According to a survey done April 2011 in Britain alone more than 1200 models were reportedly suffering from Anarexia. Moreover it is also responsible for the death of close to another 15 models during the year 2011 alone. All these statistics conclude one thing: Anarexia is deadly. It can and will kill you. In the last two decades anarexia is directly or indirectly responsible for close to 3000 deaths collectively. These figures are only increasing every year.

Treatment For Anarexia

Unlike common eating disorders Anarexia is pretty hard to treat. Traditional therapy, diets and treatment methods fail to work. In order to overcome this disorder one has to make sure the mind adapts to the treatment method. Controlling the mind is the key as most of such eating disorders originate from the mind and thus it becomes easier to treat them by focusing on the mental aspect. Other than the treatment simple diet plans and substitute foods also help in recovering. Eating snacks like granola bars, popsicles and kashi bars help in overcoming the eating disorder. Signs of recovery can be seen within a weeks and complete recovery is possible in a couple of months. Therefore a well formulated, dedicated plan is required to overcome this eating disorder.