Bulimia Nervosa

Here is an Intriguing Way to Break Out of Your Binge/Purge Cycle

You don’t think about it too much. You just do it. Is it the guilt, is it the shame? By the time you start to think about it, binging is in full force. You feel like crying out in anger and frustration, but it doesn’t help at all. And then comes the purging. Relieving, addictive as hell with no way to stop it once it starts going. Are you sick? Are you damaged beyond repair? You don’t know, you don’t care, but the guilt and shame pile up due to which you binge again and the cycle repeats itself.

How did you get here? Was it ‘friendly’ advice? Did that guy tell you were FAT? You just couldn’t stand looking at yourself in the mirror? It doesn’t matter, because the end result is still the same. It’s an endless Vicious Cycle Of Bulimia from which you can’t step out.

Bulimia Nervosa

These words seem ripped straight out of some psycho babble manual. Other people don’t understand, but for you it’s real, maybe the only real thing in your life. It seems hopeless, it seems like you have no escape and it all seems to be getting worse.

What you need to do right now is STOP.

15 Seconds, that’s All. Take a deep breath and imagine. Here’s the deal. One month from now you could be well on your way to a life without this binging/purging crap. Because no matter how you try to put it, this condition is hurting you. Badly. Each and every day, you go through a very personal hell; a hell no one should ever experience. And, yes, it is possible. You can put all this behind you like a bad dream, and be free. The journey might take a little while, true, but you can make the first step right away. Not one year from now, not a month, not a week, but in this very instant.

Here’s how a life free of bulimia feels like:

  • No more rotted teeth.
  • No more scarring.
  • No more laxatives.
  • No more sore throat.
  • No more menstrual cycle problems.
  • No more disgusting smells.
  • No more shame.
  • No more heart palpitations.
  • No more guilt.
  • No more dehydration.
  • No more dizziness.
  • No more worries, stress or anxiety.
Sounds a bit surreal at this point, doesn’t it? How would you even start?

Introducing ‘Overcome Bulimia Treatment Guide’

Overcome Bulimia – The Complete Bulimia Nervosa Treatment Guide is the guide that will simply get you there. Just like that. It contains all the advice you need, from what to do right away in order to keep the b/p safe, how to step out of this whole mess, how to avoid a relapse and how to become that YOU that simply doesn’t need to binge/purge. Inside it, you will find the aggregate experience of countless bulimia sufferers that managed to push out of it, the voices of experts ranging from the medical field to the spiritual. All of it cut down, distilled and rearranged with a unique goal in mind: To help you be free.

What’s This Really About?

By now, you have probably figured out that I’ve been where you are. But just to make it crystal clear, this guide wasn’t written to shame you or induce guilt. As a matter of fact, you’ll find it to be one of the most non-judgmental books you’ll ever read. I’m here to help you, not to judge you. Also you can rest assured that each and every piece of advice you’ll find in it belongs there. I don’t like beating around the bush. The tone is crisp, concise and to the point.

So, what does this guide contain exactly? It helps you to:

  1. Keep it safe. Binge/purge is a reality and no matter how hard you try, you will most likely do it again. I beg you, try to do it the right way. Don’t do something that might haunt you for the rest of your life. Binge/purge can be done safer.
  2. Learn the truth about your condition. Online forums are a great way to get help from people who are going through the same thing. They’re not so great if you want the raw facts. This guide explains in detail and in plain English what Bulimia truly is.
  3. It’s a private way to deal with it. Ideally, support from the family and/or a therapist are great, but let’s be honest, sharing the shame is not exactly easy. At some point you might make the step, but there are ways to deal with this problem on your own.
  4. Learn the real triggers and how to deal with them. Disappointment, guilt, shame, they’re part of your life, but where do they come from? The answer might surprise you, and once you have it, you’ll know what to do in order to stop it.
  5. Step out of the binge/purge cycle. Yes, it’s the real thing and it can be done. There are several techniques you can try.
  6. Understand and accept yourself. Your best friend and your worst enemy are both staring back at you when you look in the mirror. You must look deep down and realize who you’re dealing with.
  7. Learn to set goals and achieve them.This is more important than you think. A major trigger is self-disappointment. You can stop that from happening.
  8. Avoid relapse. Remember, no judgement. Only practical advice that you can use right away.
  9. Become free of Bulimia. This is the really hard part, but you can do it. And by free, I mean truly free. No “battling” to stay out if it. You simply won’t have the urge to do it anymore.
  10. What comes after. You will want to stay fit, you will want to be happy and healthy, you might even want to have a baby at some point. All the questions you were afraid to ask are answered. And yes, you can stay fit, you can be healthy and happy and you can have a child.

But hey, showing is better than telling. Here’s an actual excerpt from the book that teaches you how to cope with and defeat shame. It might sound strange, but it actually works. Better still, it works with almost any kind of shame, so try it out:

HALT stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. You need to ask yourself if the reason why you are eating is because you feel one of these. A lot of people use food to feel comforted. These four emotions are basically what trigger a person to binge. Normal people eat because they need to eat to survive and gain nutrients and not because they feel hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. This is absolutely wrong. Decide what you are really feeling and do something to distract yourself to solve the problem mentally. And when you come up with a decision on why you want to eat, do something to satisfy your hunger or choose not to grab something to eat – your decision. Always remember that others can only tell you what to do, but it is you who has always the last say. You make the decision. Easy, right? And better still, you can do it alone in your privacy. Just give it a shot and see how it feels to truly explore your emotions.

So How Much Does This Guide Cost? Truth be told, the times are anything but easy. Money is hard to come by and it can be spent in a flash. This is why I’m not asking for an arm or a leg. Sure, it took a lot of time and effort, and not to mention the emotional distress of revisiting not-so-pleasant memories, but the one person that matters is YOU. I want YOU to take this information and use it to free yourself, I want YOU to become happy and comfortable with yourself, I want YOU to be able to afford it.

This is why “Overcoming Bulimia – The Complete Guide” only costs $49.97


Attention: Click here to know what one of our patients has to say about this program.

But it’s not all. I know that you’re starting to believe that this guide can help. But I want you to be certain. This is why this guide comes with a trial period and a guarantee attached. You have 60 days at your disposal to read it, use it and get the best of it. If at any point, you feel that it’s not working, you can send me an e-mail and you’ll get your money back. No uncomfortable questions, no endless forms, just a straight refund.

It’s been made easy for you because there’s a lot at stake here. Remember that the sky seems really dark when you’re at the bottom of a well. You can climb out of this hole on your own.
Note: After completing the transaction, you will receive a download link right away. You are literally seconds away from the first step that will lead you to a better life. It won’t be easy. Nothing truly important ever is. But at the end of the road, it all gets better. I know that for a fact.

Don’t hesitate, don’t falter. Act Now!

See you on the other side, Susan Kelly Signature


P.S. Yes, the guide covers both vomit-induced purging as well the laxative induced one.

P.P.S. No matter what people tell you, remember that bulimia is not something “a crazy, stupid person does”, it’s a disease. Fortunately, it CAN be tackled with psychotherapy.

P.P.P.S. Having a therapist at your side can make everything a lot easier, but you CAN get rid of this condition on your own.