Fatal long term effects of Bulimia

Bulimia nervosa is one of the most common diseases which make people suffer quite severely. This is identified as a disease caused by improper eating habits. Due to this, Bulimia is rated as a critical disease which has multiple effects on the human body. It is worth mentioning that this disease is commonly found in the young men and women during the later part of their adolescence and early stage of their adulthood. The awareness about this disease is being promoted everywhere so that the people should take proper care of their health whenever it comes to Bulimia and its problems.

The disease has a number of effects which may be found in the people while they suffer from Bulimia. Some of these effects are long term and that is why they can be quite troublesome at times. These long term effects can be fatal as the presence of these effects can cause more damage to the concerned part or systems of the body. Following is a brief account of these fatal long term effects of Bulimia:

Mental Health Effects:

As Bulimia causes serious amount of anxiety and mental fatigue so this can be quite serious for the proper growth of the human personality. Apart from anxiety and mental fatigue, people also suffer from hyper tension and they find themselves unable to take their decision by themselves. The occurrence of depression and low self-confidence are some of more damaging sides of this disease. These effects cause huge amount of psychological effects on the human brain and they become unable to think and act properly at the right point of time. This can also unable the person to social negligence and withdrawal. The person becomes unable to maintain personal relationship as well.

Gastrointestinal Effects:

As mentioned earlier, Bulimia is a disease caused by improper eating habits. The person suffering from this disease eats a lot of food in a shorter period of time and then feels worried about getting rid of the food that he has already taken. He often takes medicines and laxatives to vomit the food he has taken. This excessive food can be bad for the proper digestion and it leads to gastrointestinal effects. These gastrointestinal effects can last for longer period of time and they often suffer from indigestion and irritation in the stomach.

Irregular bowels, acidity, and gastric quite often cause terrible amount of problems at times. Gastric reflux causes more troubles including inflammation in the throat and hoarseness of the voice.   As per the opinions of the doctors treating this disease, misuse and overuse of laxatives and other medicines are the chief reasons for gastrointestinal effects of the disease called Bulimia. Constipation becomes a life-time symptom for the people who suffer from Bulimia for a longer period of time. This situation can be fatal for the person. Treatment of this disease must be provided at the earliest possible time so that his dependency on medicines would reduce in his own benefits.

Systematic Effects:

Human body consists of many organs and organ systems. Bulimia is a disease which affects almost all organs and organ systems. Due to its wide spread affects of the disease, Bulimia is considered as a severe disease for the proper growth of the human body. The disease causes serious complications which can be life-threatening as well. People must be very careful about taking proper care of their body as soon as Bulimia is detected. These threats can be fatal in some cases and they may even cause death to the patients.

Though systematic effects of Bulimia can be many but physical weakness, muscular weakness, irregular heartbeats, kidney failure, and heart failure are some of the major effects of Bulimia. However, these diseases become even more fatal in case they are combined with imbalance in bio-chemical ingredients of the body like Potassium and Sodium. Dehydration is yet another complication which can be fatal in the long run too.

As a matter of fact, Bulimia is essentially a disease which requires huge amount of personal care. The role of the people living around the people is also important in many situations as he needs social protection to protect his identity in the society. As the awareness about Bulimia is increasing so one can certainly be optimistic about betterment in the situation.