Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


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Our friendly customer service representatives are available Monday – Friday from 11AM to 20PM GMT to answer any questions you have from our online help desk. Customer service inquires will be answered within 24 business hours. For the fastest answer to your question, please click here to view our FAQ’s. In the unlikely even that your question is not answered by our FAQ, you may submit a customer service request by clicking here.

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about the program and how to get started using it most easily. Please take a moment to review them so you can get answers to your questions in the fastest possible manner. In the unlikely event that your question is not covered below, please click here to submit a support request with your question and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible, typically within 48 business hours.

Is the program something I download or get in the mail?

Presently we offer this product only in PDF format. I’m working on an MP3 version which will be released soon.

If you did not receive your welcome email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder and and be sure to add us to your safe senders or white-list so you receive all future emails with valuable information and bonuses!

What do I need to use the program?

Usually you don’t need anything at all. If you order the download version of a program, you likely have everything you need to use the program either on your computer already, or it is provided for you as part of the program. There is nothing extra you need to buy in order to use the program, we make sure you have everything you need. If you order the printed version of the program, everything you need will be included in the mail along with your program material.

If I order, when will I get the program?

If you order this guide, you will receive it immediately after payment from our secure download area.

I’m having trouble opening the program or am getting an error that the files or unsupported or corrupt, can you help?

You just need a PDF viewer to open this file (ex: Adobe PDF Viewer). If you still cant view it, feel free to contact us.

Is my payment secure and my information safe?

Absolutely. You know your payment and personal information is 100% secure because we use SSL (Secure Socket Layers). When your credit card information is processed, it is encrypted so no third party can ever see them and we will NEVER rent, sell, or share your information with anyone.

Can I mail in payment instead of paying online?

I’m sorry, we only currently accept payments online.

Is the program appropriate for my situation?

Unfortunately, because everyone and every situation is unique, we don’t feel it would be appropriate for us to give advice on a case by case basis. I would encourage you to read the main web page and decide if you feel what we offer is something that would be a good fit for your situation and needs. Don’t forget that we also offer our 60 day money back guarantee so if you try the program and feel it’s not what you expected, you can simply take advantage of our return policy.

Do you offer phone support?

Unfortunately we do not offer phone support currently. You may however send us a support ticket and we will get back to you ASAP.

Can I print the program out if I get the download version?

Sure, you can print it out easily from any printer.

Can I access the program and download area from any computer or only the one I order from?

You will receive this in your e-mail box, so you can view it on any PC.

Can I access the program on a Mac?

Absolutely. It is completely Mac compatible.

I’m not good at using computers, is it hard to download?

After you order the Program, the program will be emailed to you. You just have to open it up using a PDF viewer.

What is your return policy?

If at any time within 60 days of purchase you don’t feel the program is what you want or expected, simply let us know and we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

What if the program doesn’t help?

If you’re not satisfied with the program for any reason, or no reason at all, simply take advantage of our guarantee and get a refund any time within 60 days of ordering, you really have nothing to lose.

How long does it take to see results?

Everyone is different and has different starting points, and one of the biggest variables in your progress with any self-help program will be the amount of effort you put into it! Ultimately every person and situation is too unique for us to say how quickly you will see results and what the extent if the results will be. Your progress will be determined by a number of things, including whether or not you follow the program instructions!

What is a PDF?

A PDF file is very common file format that uses the free software Adobe Reader, which you probably already have on your computer. If not, you can get it free at

How does the program work?

It is difficult to summarize a comprehensive program in a few sentences, but at its most basic, the goal of the program is to train your mind to react different to your feelings of binging/purging than it does now. Currently, you may react instinctively and seemingly without thought to your anxious feelings and it can seem out of your control.

Can you recommend any therapists or psychologists in my area?

I am sorry, but I┬ádon’t make recommendations to individual therapists.