Bulimia Nervosa Definition

Bulimia Nevosa, these words seem that they have been ripped from some technical manual. Pronounced as boo-LEE-me-uh or often just referred to as Bulimia. Bulimia is a very serious eating disorder caused by emotional eating, binge eating and other forms of over eating. Just eating excessive amounts of food does not result in bulimia. It is the induced purging which is the main reason for Bulimia. For instance a person eats a lot of food for no apparent reason, not because he/she is hungry but because he/she is bored. That is actually normal. All of us do that. Like when we go watch a movie we grab a lot of food to eat. Are we hungry? No, we are bored and need something to while off our time. Excessive eating can be harmful but is perfectly natural as all of us at one point of time have done this and it does not really harm our digestive system or our overall metabolism. Excessive eating does however causes imbalance and upsets our regular metabolism. Bulimia on the other hand is completely different. It is not just binge eating or over eating, it is the purging which later follows.bulimia_definition

As I have said before, Bulimia is more of a mental/psychological disorder than a normal health disorder because it affects the victim/patient mentally more than physically, therefore there is no proper “Definition” as it varies from person to person. A Bulimic always has a fear of gaining weight and after sessions of binge eating feels that the extra food consumed will result in weight gain. This fear in turn leads to a series of emotional/mental stress involving shame and guilt. Ultimately a Bulimic would want to get rid of this excess food. In order to get rid of these extra calories a Bulimic generally chooses Purging. Yeah this sounds crazy as one could easily walk a mile/ride a bike/exercise to burn the extra calories. Purging is generally induced through various ways like sticking a finger or two down the throat, using laxatives and other prescription drugs. These phases of Binging and Purging not only cause severe damage to the linings of the stomach but also leads to mental damage involving but not limited to stress, anxiety, guilt and also hating ones body.

Most of the readers think that this is some sort of an emotional instability that causes this disorder, but in my opinion it is the modern society. Yes I think today’s society promotes skinny/underweight women as HOT and anybody naturally healthy or a little chubby/plumpy ugly. This norm of the fashion industry has been responsible for Bulimia to a very great extent. Bulimia is often experienced by models generally of ages below 25 who are a little overweight and feel that they are ugly because they don’t fit in the society’s definition of “Beautiful Women”.

Bulimia is a very serious disorder and needs proper treatment or therapy. A Bulimic has to accept that he/she has it and then choose an appropriate treatment method. Overcoming Bulimia takes consistent effort, mind exercises and controlled diets. If you or someone you know experiences it then I would suggest that you personally talk to them about it. Make sure they stay positive and within a few weeks you can perhaps help them overcome bulimia forever.