5 Bulimia Facts You Didn’t Know

5 Bulimia Facts You Didn’t Know

Bulimia Nervosa, or more commonly known as “Bulimia”, is a serious eating disorder. Some people tend to make bad jokes about thin people who suffer from Bulimia. Most people tend to think they know more about Bulimia than they actually do. Here are five Bulimia facts that you might not be aware of.

Bulimia is an illness and not a lifestyle choice

The eating disorder, Bulimia, is not a choice made by people to become skinny; it is in fact an illness. About 20,000,000 women and 10,000,000 men have suffered from this eating disorder at some point in their lives according to the survey by NEDA (National eating disorder association).

Bulimia is deadly, but treatable

The most important of all these Bulimia facts is that the disorder is deadly, if not treated properly. Among all the other mental illnesses out there, this eating disorder has the highest level of mortality rate. The probability of mortality increases with the duration of the illness. You ought to know that this condition can be treated and cured.

Anyone can be affected

You cannot be sure that you will not be affected by Bulimia. It can affect all types of people of different economic groups, religion, races and ethnicities. Though some ethnic groups reject this fact like the other Bulimia facts, it has equal probability of occurring to all. In the same manner, this eating disorder does not affect women alone. Men can also be affected by Bulimia.

You cannot identify whether a person has the disorder by looks

Just because someone is skinny, it does not mean that he is suffering from Bulimia. The converse is also true; all Bulimia patients need not be skinny. Do not stereotype skinny people and do not assume that someone will look thin, because of the disorder. In some cases, people can eat a lot when they get stressed or ashamed; such people might not be skinny, even with Bulimia.

Unsurprisingly, they too have feelings

Just because they have an eating disorder does not mean that they do not have feelings. Making jokes can certainly hurt them. It is not a choice they made; it is a condition that can be treated. Teasing Bulimia patients is as rude as teasing someone with some other health condition. It is advised, not to comment on their body size, the way they eat or funny jokes on eating disorders.

No matter how funny and light humored, it can be, the joke is likely to hurt them. Apparently, these jokes can motivate them to take up a more unhealthy diet plan. For instance, jokes about being skinny can make them eat oily foods, adversely affecting their health.

If you happen to be around someone who is suffering from this eating disorder, make them understand that the condition is curable and should not be left untreated. Explain these Bulimia facts to them and the people around them so that they will be motivated to fight back against the disorder. Ask them to get help and consult the NEDA site for more detailed insights of the disorder.