5 Bulimia Facts Which Are Totally Wrong

Among all the disorders out there, it seems that the least importance is given to Bulimia, therefore, it is important to know true Bulimia facts. This is even more important because of the myths which exist in todays world. It is important to know a little more about this eating disorder beyond the myths so you can understand or even help those suffering from it. This article explains the five common myths about Bulimia.

Myth 1 – Affects only females

Though 85% of the sufferers are female who are under the age of 18, Bulimia is not a disorder which only affects females. Men also have high chances of getting affected by this disease. In this decade alone, the occurrence of this disorder has doubled in males.

Myth 2 – It is a lifestyle choice and not a disorder

The most misunderstood Bulimia fact is that people do not consider it as a real disorder. Instead, they think that an individual, who wants to have an ultra slim figure, tries their best not to eat. Unfortunately, this disorder is far beyond their choice of lifestyle. If it is left unnoticed, it may turn fatal.

Another common myth is that most people think that this disorder is common among teenagers and they will just grow out of it. It is true that teenagers are mostly affected by this disorder but, generally, they do not grow out of it as they get older.

Myth 3 – It can not be cured

It is not a condition that will disappear after a few days. If not treated, Bulimia can become lethal. On the same hand, if treated, the disorder can be removed completely. There is an 80% chance of partial recovery and 60% full recovery, if treated properly.

It takes a long time with controlled training to recover from this disorder. It can take months to several years to completely recover. If the correct treatment and training are provided, this disorder can be easily cured. The most important thing to know is that this disorder can be life threatening and is not something to turn a blind eye to.

Myth 4 – It is always associated with vomiting

A person suffering from Bulimia need not always vomit. Their body can purge through many different ways. Vomiting is just one of the means and definitely not the only one. The other common means are diuretics and laxatives. Just because someone is not vomiting, it does not mean that they are not suffering from this disorder.

Myth 5 – Dieting leads to Bulimia

Bulimia facts like this are often misunderstood. In fact it is creating fear in those who want to take up dieting to reduce weight. It is not a disorder that happens to everyone who wants to lose weight by dieting. There are many ways to diet healthy to lose weight.

Understand these myths and discover in detail about the true Bulimia facts. If your loved one is suffering from any of these symptoms, try to get help as soon as possible.